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Outdoor Blinds

With our wide selection of outdoor blinds you can extend your indoor space, when its too cold or windy to sit outside, and make your home and garden more liveable, without the expense of renovations.

Now there's no excuse to get your friends over for a friendly barbeque!

Folding Awnings


Our Awnings are specifically designed to extend shade to areas that need it most. The flexibility of retractable awnings, allows you bask in the winter or morning sun, and then extend the awnings for shade protection during the harshest parts of the day.

Depending on the awnings you choose, they can either be hand operated, motorised or controlled from inside your home.

View our full range of Awnings in the Awnings section.


Wire Guide Awnings

Straight Drop Awnings & Cafe Blinds

Drop Awnings can protect your rooms from the blazing hot in the sun during the day, and easily fold away to let in light on cooler days.

Cafe Blinds keep the worst of the weather at bay, while still letting you enjoy your view and garden. Use your patio when the weather's not what you expected!

View our full range of Awnings in the Awnings section.