Lumen Blinds

Lumen Blinds

Changing your window furnishings can be one of the quickest, easiest and cheapest ways to spruce up a room,  particularly if you choose Lumen blinds…

Lumen Blinds
‘Be in control’

Cleverly designed to operate much like a roller blind, lumens are equally simple to use. Because their fabric combines translucent and opaque horizontal strips, layered at the window, you gain better control over the balance of light and privacy.

Each blind comes with a control chain that moves individual translucent and opaque strips past each other. The more translucent strips you leave exposed, the more filtered light you let in. It’s a revolutionary design that makes Lumen blinds perfect for letting in the light you want without compromising on privacy.

Lumen blinds from Sydney Blinds & Screens boast a sophisticated, contemporary feel that would suit a more modern home. And of course, as with all roller blinds, the fabric pulls all the way up, giving you a clear view of the outside world. So you truly can have the best of both worlds.

  • Contemporary design provides a striking look
  • Stunning alternative to the classic venetian or roller blind
  • Combines opaque and translucent fabrics
  • Available in a beautiful range of fashion shades


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