Smart Privacy Blinds

Smart Privacy Blinds

Slats Close Tighter

Available in a 50mm and 63mm slat size, the SmartPrivacy™ blind features an extremely tight slat closure, providing a high level of light block and privacy.

No Visible Holes

The SmartPrivacy™ venetian blind is free from large, light penetrating cord holes. Cords are instead positioned front and back of the blind. A small thread passes through a tiny hole at the back of each slat and is covered when the blind is closed.

Insta-Lock Control

Utilising the highly engineered Insta-Lock™, the SmartPrivacy™ venetian blind is much easier to lift and lock in any position.

Slim Headrail – No Valance

The new slim headrail features top mounting brackets that allow a tighter fit into the reveal. Additionally, the top slat is designed to neatly tuck into the headrail so there’s no light gap.

Trapezoid Bottom Rail

The trapezoid bottom rail is designed for superior strength and resistance against warping. It’s trapezoid design also provides tighter closure at the bottom of the blind, increasing privacy and light block.

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