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Safety in Window Coverings

All Sydney Blinds & Screens window coverings are compliant with the latest ACCC Child Safety Regulations.  As child safety is our highest priority we have guidelines in place to ensure all products can be operated in a safe manner, to protect your children.
By incorporating Child Safe practices into the manufacturing of our products, ensures that we are taking all precautions in the safety of children and pets.
Download the below product brochures for more information:

–    Download the Internal Safety Cord Statement (pdf)

–    Download our Child Safety brochure

Safety in Security Doors

From 1998 to 2008, the Children’s Hospital at Westmead in Sydney saw 171 incidences of children brought to hospital as a result of falls from windows and balconies. These incidences included 2 deaths and 169 injuries of varying severity, and the repercussions in terms of emotional stress on families and communities directly affected cannot be understated.

Our supplier has taken the initiative to get involved in eliminating these tragic events by taking a leading role in the Australian Windows Association “Kids Don’t Fly” campaign. This campaign aims to raise awareness of this critical child safety issue across the country. Moreover, through our range of Invisi-Gard Stainless Steel Security Products, Alspec is in a position to directly assist in the provision of a window and balcony treatment solution which eliminates the possibility of a fall.

Nearly all falls happen in the family home. When parents were asked how the fall occurred, often the response was that their child was in their bedroom, had appeared to climb on a piece of furniture close to the window, and that the window was open at the time. Frequently, while there was a fly screen, in many cases it was loose fitting, broken or broke on contact

Clearly a flyscreen is insufficient to resist impact from a child, and clearly having the windows closed at all times is not an option. Whilst there is no substitute for parental supervision, there are further steps that can be taken to ensure child safety.

Invisi-Gard Stainless Steel Screens are manufactured from Marine Grade Stainless Steel Mesh retained in an aluminium frame wit their patented EGP Extreme Grip Pressure System. The screen forms a formidable barrier that easily withstands the impact requirements of Australian Standards AS5039 for Security Doors and Windows. As such, installation of these screens on residential windows will easily cope with the bumps and knocks of children’s horseplay. The screens allow natural ventilation and do not impede the view as would be the case with large unsightly metal bar grilles. Further, the construction of these screens and the high quality of the selected materials ensures they retain their good looks and their functionality for many years.

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Of late, there has been many stories in the media which are outlining the accidents occurring with children falling from second story windows.

At Sydney Blinds & Screens our goal is to not only provide support, information and preventative measures for parents, but we want to offer a solution.

Our extensive range of safety and security flyscreens will ensure your child can play safely in any room of your home. We have a product to suit any budget, and as child safety is our highest priority, we recommend you speak to one of our professional Sales Representatives to find out more. Call 02 9636 1555 to request more information.

For more information about the Kid’s Don’t Fly Campaign, visit their website, click here. Or, download their brochure.

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