Motorized Awnings

Motorized Awnings

Motorized Awnings

The motors in our range of outdoor awnings run efficiently and quietly. With the press of a button, your motorised awning will extend or retract. With the risks of extended exposure to sunlight, you can make your deck or patio a welcome retreat year round.

Why should you motorise your awning?

No more ugly, hard-to-operate handles, especially in 35°!

Electric awnings can be operated easily with a remote control, tablet or smartphone. They lower to the height you want in a few seconds to provide ideal shade and sun on your patio.

Benefits of a Somfy motorised awnings

Home AutomationReady for Home automation

WirefreeWirefree operation with 5 year battery life

My Function“My” function – lets you program a preferred position of your awnings so that with a single press of the button, the motorised awning will immediately extend to your favourite placement. Set it once and use it as much as you like!

TauntPerfectly taut canvas with no rippling effect: no more crease lines or areas of sun bleaching

GentleDesigned to be gentle on your awnings: Your retractable awnings will last far longer than awnings controlled by the herky-jerky motion of lesser motorised models

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