Timberstyle venetians

Timberstyle venetians

TIMBERSTYLE blinds are the practical affordable alternative to timberstyle Venetians with the look of real wood.
Manufactured using advanced polystyrene polymers, TIMBERSTYLE is resistant to cracking, peeling, discolouration and warping.

    Timberstyle venetians

    Unlike it’s timberstyle counterparts, TIMBERSTYLE has no variation in colour and texture, and is completely washable. Perfect For bathrooms and ensuites.

    Slat widths are available in 50mm or 63mm in a fashionable range of colours. TIMBERSTYLE offers 2 valance styles for that finishing touch.

    Breakaway tassles for child safety are designed to separate should a child become entangled in the cord loop. A cord tensioning device is installed with each TIMBERSTYLE venetian blind to ensure your child’s safety.

    Timberstyle venetians give you the beautiful organic appearance of timberstyle, as well as the low-maintenance convenience of man-made materials. Not to mention neat and uniform practicality.

    Manufactured using polystyrene, these elegant blinds are water-resistant, durable and easy to clean, making them an ideal solution for kitchens and bathrooms and an excellent value for money.

    Timberstyle Venetians mimic the natural texture of wood perfectly, and are available in a range of smart, contemporary colours stylish and elegant enough for any room.

    Timberlook Venetian
    Create a relaxed and welcoming ambience with our Timberlook Venetian blinds. Made from man-made materials, these handsome blinds bring natural warmth to any room, and create an inviting atmosphere in your home.
    They’re versatile too. You can choose from a classic range of colours, all have excellent grain and colour consistency, and will blend effortlessly into contemporary or traditional homes.
    TIP: To capture a ‘plantation shutter’ look with venetian blinds, ask us about our 63mm blade options in one of our popular white shades.

    Mockwood Venetian
    A classic and beautiful adornment for any window, our Mockwood blinds complement most decors and are a practical and economical alternative to shutters.
    You can choose from a range of colours and finishes, from on-trend painted slats in gorgeous white and mineral tones, to natural wooden tones like the Cedar Grove.
    Just as importantly, their consistent colour and grain will stand the test of time at your window. They boast a hard-wearing, water-resistant style, that’s perfect for kitchens and bathrooms. And thanks to the high-precision machinery used in their manufacture, all Mockwood venetian slats are exquisitely finished and lightweight. This not only reduces the weight of the blind, but also its stack size.

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